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Gearing Up


Gearing up to begin my rewrite is a process on so many different levels. 

The office is now I’m cleaning the office. I want everything in place before I start. Clean cabinets, clean office space. No pens, papers, sticky notes, laying around to distract me…everything where it belongs.

The longer I wait to begin the better focused I am. I’m like a steamroller and nothing can stop me–goal is to be finished with the rewrite by October 31 because on November 1st, I will participate in the NaNoWrimo to begin a draft of the next novel….ideas are a poppin’!. 

I’m reading and rereading feedback, checking editing books to learn more, adding scenes in my  pink and black notebook and tracking characters and their traits on 3X5″ cards with the character names at the bottom. I’ve stacked and taped them vertically in a file. I can easily lift the card up to see what I need to know….I’m really  organized!!! I love it.

Many writers are challenged when it comes to organization. I know that’s a generalization, but as a writing coach, it’s one of the things we work on a lot. And certainly, I can identify with them! I’m one of them.

How about you, what keeps you from being organized? Or how do you stay organized? Or what suggestions might you share with other writers?

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