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A Dangerous Visit to the Local Yarn Shop


A visit to the local yarn shop is more expensive for me than a visit to any of my favorite book stores. How can that be????

I really don’t need any yarn. It’s stuffed everywhere. Yet I came home this afternoon with four beautiful skeins and directions to make two lovely, make that magnificent (after the $$ of the yarn) cowls or shawls.

I couldn’t resist the softness of the mohair. Sometimes, it’s the elegance of jewel colored fiber yarns. Once I touch them, I’m a goner.

I recently bought a tall cabinet with six or seven deep drawers to house various-sized straight steel and wooden needles, plus a set of teak; magic loop needles in a dozen sizes, tape measures, patterns, skein upon skein of yarn, cable holders, place holders, tapestry needles and more. It’s great to finally have it all in one place, except it really isn’t in one place, because some it it is stashed in the laundry room cabinet and the closet in my home office.

Not too long ago, I faced the space issue with books. Once I touch them, similar to touching yarn, I’ve deposited enough DNA on it the book that it becomes mine. I don’t always read every book, but still, I must have it–just in case. That said, I do read most of them.

.Rows of books in book cases and in little corners of my office somehow spread to perching themselves on the hall cubbies, bedroom tables and guest room night stands.

Enter Kindle. Worries gone. No one needs to know how many books I buy until I reach my Kindle limit of 3000. Who-hoo!

I think we all have our little (or growing) addictions, don’t you?

How do you store the things you love? Books? Yarn? Stamp collections? Hummels>  First editions? The plethora of little gifts from your now-grown kids?