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Back to the business of living


Back from vacation, re-cooperating from eye surgery, and getting into the groove! Feels good.

Vacation in Montana was awesome . We spent lots of time relaxing at our cabin up at Flathead Lake, drinking gin and tonics, and taking day trip with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law whom I adore.

We shopped in Missoula, where I found rich,  hand-dyed yarns, took trips to Big Fork to dine at Show Tyme and shop, and this year we drove up the Going to the Sun Highway, an incredibly scenic area of mountains, vistas that went on forever, mountain goats, deer, elk, and snow, yes snow in August.  At Glacier Park we saw two bears meandering across a trail, dangerously close to the road. In thirteen years we’ve been going to Montana, I’ve never seen a bear .  It was a highlight for me.

My husband, aware of my knitting obsession, found a knitting shop in Polson, which I’m sure he secretly regretted mentioning. I’ve been known to spend hours and hours in knitting boutiques and book stores. I found  yarn for mittens and forest green wool for a felted purses. My grand  daughter liked the purse so much that I made one for her to carry her ballet slippers in. Her’s is purple–Bieber Fever  purple. Turns out, knitting and looking down were just what the doctor ordered after eye surgery for a partially detached retina. I knitted. I knitted neck warmers, potato chip scarves, fringed scarves. I knitted baby hats in bright pumpkin, turquoise, and sunny yellow, and now I’m beginning to knit purple baby hats with green stems and leaves. Once I figure out how to post pictures, I’ll have to get some up on this site.

The good news, no, great news is that after seeing the retinal surgeon today, I can drive again, only need three out of the seven eye drops three times a day and not four, and don’t have to spend my life on my side or looking at my feet when I wasn’t laying down.

I feel like I’ve been sprung from jail!  My friends were wonderful, coming to visit and keep my spirits up. And while I appreciate everything they and my husband did, it makes me tingle knowing that I can take care of myself again. YAHOO!