Play Date with J.D.


Today I took my six year-old grandson, JD, on a playdate. Our idea of how things would work out were a little different.

My idea: Pick him up, take him to lunch with my husband “Rickrooni” as JD calls him, head over to the Behring Museum in Blackhawk, look at the high-profile cars in the museum, feed the ducks, have an ice cream cone, run into Games Unlimited to pick up a little toy for him, and drop him back at his house.

HIs idea: Pick him up, go directly to Toys R Us. Buy stuff. Big stuff. Take him home. Make him lunch while he played with his new toys on our ‘buying’ date. Hummm…

So off we zipped to Toys R Us. JD walked up and down the aisles for about twenty minutes before I realized that he might be overwhelmed by floor to ceiling toys. It also took me that long to realize that my suggestions on what to buy were like steam — and evaporated about that quick.

After close to forty-five minutes, we were at decision-making time. It came down to two toys: a black and neon green saucer that hovered above your hand with a laser gun to shoot it down or a crane that came with everything but a driver. But, before making this crucial decision, JD had a few questions:

Will the toy hover up to the ceiling and stay there? For how long? Will it hover, then crash? Will it hover until it runs out of battery juice? Well, if it comes with batteries, how long do the batteries last? How long do battery packs last? If I get the crane, will the hand-held remote raise the crane? If it does, how high? Will it lower it, too? Does it beep when you back it up or is it done with the remote? Why do you suppose that there are only two knobs and not three? Which one should I get?

Rickrooni and I got the giggles. When we were out of answers, which didn’t take long, we found a Toys R Us ‘team member’ to give us a hand.

JD grilled him to the point that the very patient young man finally said, “I think you could design your own toy and sell it here, buddy. I don’t think I can answer any other questions for you.” JD scrunched his face up, “Why?”

“Because you asked them all!” replied the sales person…but with a smile.

We left the store with the crane. One would think it was the end of the story, but it’s not…we got back to JD’s house, his mom was home from errands and she helped JD take off the packaging, untwisting all of the twists and unscrewing all of the screws that held the crane in the card board box. JD put it on the floor and grabbed the remote. My daughter and watched with big smiles on our faces.

“Hey Nan,” he said, “Didn’t you say that the remote raised the crane?”

I swallowed hard. “Yes,” I croaked.

“It doesn’t,” he said.

Guess where we went next?

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