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Thanks for dropping by. My blog, Wordknits, is about two of my passions: writing and knitting. The have a common thread (no pun intended). Whether knitting alpaca yarn or unraveling skeins of words, I’m spinning — stories or socks.

My latest writing project was just returned from a New York editor with a wonderful note saying that it was a great draft of a first novel. It’s a ‘draft’ I’d like to point out that I’ve been working on for five plus years. So while she appreciated my writing there’s lots to do.

In preparation to begin, I drove to Office Depot yesterday and bought large index cards after I’d stood before the plethora of cards for twenty minutes. I arrived home and hid them upstairs in my messy office so didn’t have to look at them.Later, (much later) I cut the clear plastic covering off the cards and went back and forth like a swing wanting to make a decision, but unable. Did I want to use the flourescent ones or the white ones ? Did I want to assign each character a particular color? Would it be too distracting? Would plain, boring white cards with colored lettering be better? If I used the white cards I could easily see the colored pens, but if I used the flourescent ones, then the colored pens would  be washed out by the neon color. Would the bright ones bother my eyes?

See what I mean? 

 So, I left the house and found a place to have a manicure. This is the best of procrastination. Once I figure out where to begin, I’ll dig in. That ever happen to you? That you don’t know where to begin so you don’t? Every so often, I peeked into the office just to make sure the cards hadn’t run off on me. So far, they’re still there–calling me like one of those songs you can’t get out of your head. ARGH!

All of the above said, I really love my book, Nineteen Darby Way. It’s about deceit, love, disappointment, growing up…and more! Stay tuned.

My latest knitting project, leg warmers for my grand daughter, has been frogged more times than I can count. I think the yarn is wearing thin and they aren’t finished yet! For those of you who know about knitting, you understand. For those of you who don’t, ‘frogging’ is the term used for ripping knitted yarn out when one, that would be me, makes an error — ribbet, ribbet! Get it?

The pattern is so simple yet I’m ‘frogging’ my hair out, picking up dropped stitches, wondering why I suddenly have too many, and where mysterious little holes in the yarn come from. I hope I  finish them before she outgrows them! Again, stay tuned!

And welcome.

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    • I know just how you feel! Sometimes if I can’t get started knitting I buy a fun skein of yarn and start to knit something simple–with a large needle so it works up fast and I feel the reward of having completed something. With writing, I make myself sit and respond to a writing prompt, then I can hardly pull myself away from my desk.

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